The end is near.

I hate it when people routinely complain about being busy. I mean, everyone thinks they’re busy. In my freshman year, I thought I was busy, when I really had all the time in the world. But I have so much planned for the next week and a half that I’m afraid I will forget something. Between finding a place to live for next year, BCM stuff, and of course exams, I have this very real fear that I will forget something crucial. Let’s hope and pray that I don’t. Thankyouverymuch. 

But that’s not what I want to talk about.

Let’s talk about how much I love the BCM. I’ve been stressing about planning this Gender Wars Banquet (Superhero themed!) but it’s coming together little by little and I’m getting so excited! Anna, Marcus, and I got together to shop for and construct the decorations yesterday, and let’s just say that it’s gonna be epic. I can’t reveal anything more. You’ll just have to come see it. It’s monday at 6 PM at the BCM and even if you’re not a regular BCMer, you should defintely come. And I’m coming as my favorite superhero.


Oh yeah, one more thing–Time is absolutely FLYING by. Peru trip is just over a month away. I got my prayer journal from the BCM this week. It’s filled with encouraging little messages from the BCMers and I’m struggling to wait until my trip to read them. It’s sitting on my desk right beside me, taunting me. Pray for patience. And also for money for this trip. They should abolish the word FUN in fundraising. That is all.


2 thoughts on “The end is near.

  1. Kelsey, I totally understand about trying to wait to read everyone’s letters. I dealt with the same thing last year. Josh wrote me a letter every week and it took a lot not to read them all in the first week. It’s totally worth it to wait though. DON’T READ THEM NOW! I promise later, when you are in Peru you’ll be glad you waited. It’ll be so much more encouraging. I love you! I’m excited about your blog.


  2. why is it that the stress is on FUN in fundraising? it’s like people forget the D that’s in there. however, i do think it’s fun that we’re both trying to raise funds for a trip to Peru. who knew?? and yes, WAIT to read the letters!! my mom used to write us notes for each day that we were on our (one week) mission trips. i loved getting up each morning and reading that note during my quiet time. of course the added $5 that was in each envelope didn’t hurt either 😉


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