“If you had three, you’d give me two. There ain’t no other friend like you.”

It occurred to me that my blog is entirely too serious. So in an effort to not seem such a Debbie Downer, here is a blog about what makes me happy.

Meet Martha.


Martha is a 3 year old Great Dane/Gold Retreiver mix. Martha serves many roles in the Lewis household. She’s great hammock  buddy:


She is often a great laptop desk.

Basically, Martha is an all-around great companion, one of my very favorites in fact. Today is my first day home from college and she and I had some wonderful quality time doing nothing but lying in the grass in the back yard, pulling on sticks, soaking up some sun, and swatting away the mosquitoes. After a stressful semester of worrying about grades and career goals and deadlines, I couldn’t have chosen a better first day of summer than a day of being a dog. Here is a list of reasons why Martha is great company:

1. Martha shares. She is always willing to share her multitude of stuffed ducks, elephants, and puppy dogs with me, even when I don’t want them.

2. Martha can’t talk. There’s no pressure to keep up a conversation. It’s easy.

3. Martha is simple. While she may be the most loving, the most adorable, and the most affectionate, “smartest” is not one of her superlatives. And that’s okay. Her needs are basic–food, water, a toy that squeaks, and a little attention every now and then.

4. Martha doesn’t judge. It’s okay to be completely weird around her, completely impulsive, completely myself. At the end of the day, she’ll still love me.

It occurs to me that we could all stand to be a little more like Martha. After the melancholy of a million goodbyes yesterday, the hello I got from Martha, uninhibited kisses, a toy dropped at my feet, and a tail beating against my legs was exactly what I needed.



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