hola, peru

The altitude does strange things to the body, specifically a burping spell and sleeping for 15 hours in one day. I´m in a beautiful place right now. It´s a small town called Canta, in the mountains, three hours east of Lima. We´re here until Sunday.

Today I learned to cook the Peruvian way . . . from scratch. Our little group made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, carmelized carrots, and rice from scratch, even cutting up a whole chicken, using one small portable burner. Paula Deen would be proud.

Then I walked around town with a couple of my group mates. We followed the sounds of beating drums to a school, where a drumline of 8 year olds were practicing. We´re going back tomorrow!

Well, my time on this machine is up! God is good. Hasta Luego.


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