Well I´m safely in Recuay, my home in the mountains of Peru. I´m feeling a little weak, a little tired. I´m recovering from sickness and the altitude isn´t helping. But other than that, I´m doing wonderfully. Jill, Julia, Jordan, and I have an apartment connected to the house of a sweet Peruvian family. We have electricity and even a kitchen and a working toilet!!

I´m not one to have many dreams at night. I sleep soundly most of the time. But since my time here in Peru, I´ve had some very vivid dreams. Some have been scary, some funny, and some comforting. At one point I may have had a dream about David Cook and Mark Wahlberg. . . ? But mainly they´ve been about you all, my friends and family. So if you´re reading this, and I know you, I´ve probably dreamt about you. USC friends, high school friends, church friends, and of course, family. (In my dreams I hug you all.) I miss you all dearly.  Keep praying for me. It´s beautiful here.


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