Peru: land of a thousand kisses

So let me tell you about something awkward. The customary greeting here in Peru is the cheek kiss. That´s not too awkward. Sloppy old man kisses are kind of awkward. What´s really awkward is when you go in for the wrong cheek and end up inadvertantly kissing a little lady on the lips. Super awkward. It´s always a relief when someone knows a little about American culture and comforts me with a simple handshake.

Yesterday was great. It was Father´s Day, but that doesn´t have to do with anything. We went to the local Hostal, whose yard has various soccer and basketball fields and a playground. We invited everyone around, a few young girls and two young guys, all teens, to play a game of volleyball. The gringas were terrible (all except Jill, the volleyball pro) and we had fun laughing at ourselves. It was a fun game, but the best part came when we, americans and peruvians alike, were all ready for a break. We sat down, introduced ourselves, and then told them about how awesome Jesus is. Everyone sat quietly and listened, truly interested, I think. Nobody was inspired to pray right then, but everyone agreed to meet again for another game next this week, and then maybe come to a bible study.

Pray for the youths that were there, that maybe some of what we said will sink in. We´re beginning to form relationships, and it´s really encouraging.


One thought on “Peru: land of a thousand kisses

  1. Kelsey,

    You don’t know me but I feel as though I have grown in my knowing you a lot over the past few days. I am Julia’s grandfather (OPA). You have had my attention since before you left the USA with your group. I enjoyed getting to know you from your blogs, pictures, and maps.
    I know this is your second time to Peru and it must be a thrill to go back where you were last year. Julia means so much to us and I am very thankful to you for forming a bond with her on this trip. Thank you for all you have done for the lord and for Julia, and for the people of Peru that you have visited.

    We pray for all of you and wish you all the best. I look for your
    blogs every time I look for Julia’s. Keep them coming when you can.

    Much love and God Bless you all.

    OPA Price


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