To Recuay and Back

I don´t have much time to type, as usual, but I wanted to let you all know that I am safely in Lima, and thoroughly depressed about it. I left Recuay yesterday, for good. I miss it so so much. I miss the people, and the familiarity of the place. I miss Humberta. I will write more about it, about individual experiences, when I get home and have proper time to write, but for now, just keep Recuay in your prayers.


One thought on “To Recuay and Back

  1. Hi Kelsey,

    Just want you to know that we are praying for all of you and wish you all the best on the rest of your mission. Julie, like you,
    miss Recuay and the great people you met and the friends you made. You will have a chance, one day, to see them again hopefully.

    In the meantime, continue to enjoy and work for the lord. You have made such an impact on so many people and God is leading you so you can’t go wrong.

    All the best,

    OPA and OMA Price


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