Jane of the Jungle?

´So I´m sitting in an internet cafe in Iquitos, Peru right now. Iquitos was our jumping off point for the jungle. We flew in very early monday morning, spent part of a day here, and then took a boat down the Amazon for about 5 hours to Urco Maraño, our jungle village. Here are a couple interesting facts about Iquitos:

Iquitos was founded in the quest for El Dorado.

It is the world´s largest city without road access. To get out of Iquitos, you have to take a boat or a plane.

Nobody drives cars around here. They all have motorcycles. It´s not uncommon to see a teen girl on a motorcycle. How do you tote around a group of summer missionaries when there are only motorcycles? Motortaxis, a motorcycle with a back seat that can seat three!


That said, my jungle trip was amazing. Some of it you won´t believe until you see pictures. I went canoeing in the Amazon river and slept in a tent during a rainstorm in the rainforest. (The tent wasn´t waterproof.) I did the hokeypokey with barefooted jungle children. I recited the story of creation from the book of Genesis in Spanish while a congregation memorized it. I visited La Isla de los Monos (Monkey Island) and made best friends with a monkey who perched on my shoulder and growled at anyone who came near me. I was also accosted by a monkey who had a death grip on my hair. But most importantly, I helped baptize eight young believers, all teens, in the Amazon river. In their town of about 250, these young believers made a bold statement. It was an amazing week and I´m so lucky to have been a part of it.

Pictures to come soon, when I´m home. This trip is coming to a close. On wednesday night I´ll be arriving in the charleston airport. I´m eager to see all my loved ones, but terribly heartbroken to be leaving my second home, my Peru. This country has burrowed its way into my heart.


One thought on “Jane of the Jungle?

  1. in China we rode in “tut-tuts” little moto taxis. they were enclosed, and could seat 3 or 4 including the driver. fun times


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