Home and Homesick

Last year after my Peru trip, I wrote a nice little summary blog. It was the thing that God taught me in that short trip. And it was a big thing he taught me too. But how do you sum up 45 days, 6.5 weeks, a month and a half, into a neat little paragraph? More than just time—how do you sum up the places—mountains, city, and jungle—or the people—Peruvian, American, and even an Australian or two—that I met there? I could never do these things justice. Least of all these, I could never sum up God’s work into a few short lines. That’s why I’ve put off writing this.

It’s been one week since I stepped off a plane and into the United States. And already my heart aches for the Peruvian life, the Peruvian pace, and especially the Peruvian people. I could get on a plane tomorrow and leave with no regrets. Before I’d even left, I’d resolved that I would go back someday. And someday soon. While there were some just plain fun days that stand out in my memory as favorite days in Peru, other moments are just as vivid in the forefront of my brain. I remember crossing the Rio Santo with rolled up jeans and bare feet, not sure if the soles of my feet would make it to the other side of the rocky riverbed. I remember crying in the passenger seat of a taxi as I left Recuay, my second home, for the final time. And most of all, I remember helping to baptize eight young believers in the Amazon river. It’s these things, the painful, the tragic, and the beautiful that stand out as defining moments in the throes of the journey.

Pray for those new believers. Pray that they’ll continue to grow into bold young men and women that are beacons of light, shining examples of godliness in their small jungle village. Pray that the rest of Urco Maraño, that the people will take notice and follow the example of the new believers there. The people in the jungle are hungry. Pray that they’ll seek the only lasting satisfaction.

And though it seems selfish, pray for me. It feels wonderful to be back in the company of friends and family, in my first home. But I am also very homesick for a place that I can’t return to, at least not for a while. I’m having trouble dealing with that distance right now.

The new believers:



2 thoughts on “Home and Homesick

  1. yes, I know the feeling. I could go back and live in Spain. Someday, we shall both return to our Spanish speaking second homelands.


  2. I stumbled upon your blog by mistake. But I find myself beginning to cry when I read it. I am going to Canta, Peru in the summer of 2010. God called me to be a missionary when I was 12. I am now 18. I am so overly joyful about this trip. I don’t know how I am still sitting in this chair or functioning in everyday life. I am so consumed by this longing that I have for the gospel to be spread to the ends of the earth. I will be sure to pray for you and the ones that were saved on your trip. And please pray for my trip and the ones that God will reach through me. God bless!


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