An Update from the Precipice

Because it has been nearly a year since I’ve written, I feel like I must update you on all the goings-on of the past 9+ months or so—and there have been many—but I will resist that urge. Because something bigger is happening now than just the past year.

Now, more than ever, I feel the overlapping tectonic plates of my life experiences trembling underneath the pressure of some inescapable force. But now, more than ever, I know without a doubt that God, who fortifies my core, is constantly giving me the strength to stand up under it.

But what is “it” exactly?

That’s a good question. I am graduating from college this week, coming face to face with what we all fear: the unknown. The big blurry veil that separates present from future. And the overwhelming fear that I will be passing through it alone.

Maybe I’ve told you some of what God has taught me this year. If you’ve seen me this year, you may have some sense of it. At the heart of it all, I have been reminded of two simple, marvellous things.

  1. Apart from God, I can do nothing. He has been walking with me through this year of physical and emotional change, setting motivation before me, whispering encouragement to me through His Word, and amazing me by what we can do together when I lean on him.
  2. God is sovereign over the unknown. He’s holding that blurry veil, telling me to trust him. And when it seems like I’m walking toward it alone, I sense his presence with each step forward. He was there before me. Paving the way.

The realization of these two things together is huge. When you know that God is both with you in the present and before you in the future, the picture starts to change. Knowing personally that He was and is and is to come in my life makes the picture different. Suddenly it’s no longer me against the world. It’s not even God and me against the world. It’s God and me in His world and the tectonic plates He has set up in my life and He’s the one applying the pressure. And instead of fighting against it, I realize He has set up the tectonic plates of my life experiences in such a way that the force from behind me and the force from before me isn’t going to crush me, but refine me. Like coal into diamonds.

Instead of railing against it, let it change me. Let Him change me.

He knows my limits because He made my limits.

A little further now.

A little further.


2 thoughts on “An Update from the Precipice

  1. You’re definately ready to graduate. You’ve learned the right stuff. Congrats from a very proud Uncle. Love ya Kelsey!


  2. Congratulations on coming to this juncture in your journey. Keep leaning into God! Enjoy the road ahead.


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