Boot Camp

Hola, me llamo Kelsey. My español is a tad bit rusty, as evidenced by my scary skype language interview earlier this week. With January quickly approaching, I’ve got quite a growing list of prep-work to do, including Spanish boot camp. I’ve been advised to start reading my Bible in Spanish out loud every day, memorizing verses in Spanish, tattooing Spanish phrases onto my arms, and dancing salsa alone in my room for three hours a day.

I might have edited that list a little.

Oh but the boot camp doesn’t end there. I like to run and I’ve gotten a good bit faster since I got back in the habit in July. I’m running a 5K in great time. (Mediocre time really, but it’s faster than ever for this former fatty.) But I have a feeling that I won’t have much room to run in the middle of Buenos Aires, a megacity. So I’ve decided to try out my local library’s collection of workout DVDs to see how I like working out in my apartment. I’ve tried mostly Pilates and Yoga with some success. I much prefer Pilates. (And by “prefer,” I mean I “loathe.” But it’s the good kind of loathing.)

But today was a whole new adventure in physical fitness. I checked out “The Ballet Workout” last night, thinking “What the heck?”

Heck indeed.

All the confidence that I garnered from Downward Dog and the Mermaid disappeared when I tried to make my feet point in impossible directions. As if my hip sockets have WD-40 for cartilage. I’m really very thankful nobody was around to see my pitiful jetés and pliés.  Should’ve known by the French terms that it would not be a très bonne experience.

I tried. I really did. I ignored all the leotards and legwarmers and 80’s hair. I made it through most of the workout, also ignoring my screaming hips. But the last straw was when the lady in the video did this:

You want me to do what?

I miss you, Downward Dog. I miss you, Mermaid. I think I’ll stick with Spanish and Pilates thankyouverymuch.


One thought on “Boot Camp

  1. girl – i don’t know how i stumbled onto your blog but i am so glad that i did. i laughed out loud…seems our lives are very similar these days. i, too am struggling with language “boot camp” & regretting the fact that i won’t be able to run in south africa!! but…man, what an incredible opportunity we have!! keep writing!! loved reading this haha…can’t wait to get to know you more soon!!!


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