I’m packing up and moving out of my apartment in Columbia this week, saying a lot of goodbyes, so everything is making me a little sentimental these days.

I started thinking about the people I admire the most. I admire my friend Megan because she’s so stinking optimistic and encouraging. I admire Andrew because he sees the good in people. I admire Tabitha because she’s so incredibly hard-working. I could go on and on. I’m friends with a lot of great people.

And then I realized something pretty interesting, and simple, and well . . . duh. I admire people for what they do and who they are, not for what they don’t do and who they are not. To put it differently, these people are great not because they don’t do bad things, but because they actually do great things.

And then I realized how much effort I put into not sinning, as if that is somehow constructive.

And then I realized it’s not. Not constructive at all.

Goodness is not simply a lack of badness. Goodness is its own substance.

Duh, right?

Sometimes I just need reminding.

What I choose to abstain from, that’s between me and God. But the mark I leave on this world, the impact I have on anybody or anything, that’s based on what I DO.

It has been a wonderful five years in Columbia, South Carolina. I have come to call her my home and I am feeling the loss already. I’ve prayed for Columbia and the people in it a lot this week. I could have done more, could have been bolder, could have loved better while I’ve been here. But I hope the Lord is pleased with the work he has done in and through me in these five years. I hope I’ve made him proud. I hope he has been glorified by what I’ve done here. And I know he’ll keep working here after I’m gone.

Because he’s a God of goodness and of action. Duh.

For as much as I love this city, it is such a comfort to know that God loves it more.


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