Goodbyes….. Holas

Surely God has a purpose for this violent filling and wringing out of my poor spongy heart!

I know, for every ending there is a new beginning and blah blah BLAH.

Seriously, goodbyes suck.

That is all.




Yeah, you know me better than that. Of course there’s more to say!

My circle of friends grew to contain a hundred and something more people in these last few months. I didn’t know I could get so close to people in such a short amount of time, but, well, we were together as close to 24/7 as we could possibly get. Class all day long and at every meal and until bedtime every night. And we managed to fit like 32 trips to Goodwill and Taco Bell in there too.

80's Fun Friday!

Flannel Friday!

And then we dispersed to our different corners of globe. Saying goodbye to them was the beginning of many many many goodbyes to extended family and friends in Columbia and Charlotte and Charleston. Didn’t I just do this? Didn’t I already say goodbye? ;l;adsfohafdklnad;ojaephio;;klndeaoiw08uojk

Goodbyes are no fun. It feels like the entirety of this year since graduation has been one big goodbye to college and life in Carolina.

That’s this season: transition. My baby brother is graduating college in a couple months and a few months after that, getting married to a pretty awesome girl. My Carolina friends are all getting real world jobs and getting married and being grown-ups. A lot is happening. A lot happens in two years. There is a lot to miss.

So much for ripping that bandaid off quickly.

But in one week I’ll be getting on an airplane, saying hello (well, more like “hola”) to new supervisors and new neighbors and so this growing circle of mine isn’t done growing. Not even close.

Earlier this week as I was missing my newer FPO friends, I was lamenting the fact that my friends are all scattered. Until they are all gathered with my family in one place, which is to say never, I’ll always be missing somebody. It doesn’t seem fair.  But I’ve found my silver lining:

I’ll have a couch to sleep on in like a zillion countries. Not everyone can say that, right?

Well, next time I post on this little weblog of mine, it’ll be from the southern hemisphere! Stay tuned, folks. We’ve only just begun.


2 thoughts on “Goodbyes….. Holas

  1. Not goodbye my dear, but see you later!! Do good work for the Lord wherever you go. He loves you so much, and we are so proud of you and your willingness to follow His call wherever it takes you. Never fear, you will ALWAYS have a couch wherever we are!
    Love you!
    Mama G


  2. its like you got into my head and wrote what I was feeling! I wish we could have an FPO reunion in a few years like we have class reunions… could be fun! There will be so many stories from around the world to be told! 🙂


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