First Impressions

Well, here I am.

And by here, I mean THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD.

After a very long two days of travel, Stacey and I finally made it to our new home, BA, Buenos Aires, Big Apple.

We flew in at night and looked down from the plane window at the tapestry of lights that seemed to sprawl out endlessly and I felt overwhelmed by the bigness of my littleness, as E.E. Cummings would say. This is what 15 million people looks like.

Today is Easter. Today we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. But let’s take a moment to appreciate the Incarnation that led to it. Emmanuel. God with us. He encapsulated himself in this humble form we call humanity and lived among us, spoke with us, grew up with us. He mourned and laughed and learned with us.

What impossibly big shoes to fill in this huge city! May I live among Argentines, speak with them and grow with them over these next two years. May I mourn and laugh and learn with them, even if that means losing a little of my own Americanness. (There is neither Pandora nor peanut butter here.) Even if these blog posts start containing Spanglish. Adaptation is the new name of the game.

Today was my first day out and about and I gave and received so many cheek kisses and learned so many names of people and neighborhoods and streets. My guess is, probably 30 names. So that’s 14,999,970 more to go.

Here are a few for you to know: the Baggetts–Kevin and Laura and their kids Cylia and Lucas.  They are our new family and lifeline at this point–at least until we learn the subway and bus systems a little better! Kevin is our supervisor here and will be showing us the ropes of the research and volunteer coordination here very soon. Most of my compadres from training in Virginia are getting to their new locales and settling in for at least a few months of language school. But not Stacey and I. We hit the ground running this week.

Ready or not, here we come!


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