Do Better

“Make good choices!” That’s a phrase I tell myself in a variety of situations: while I’m dieting, before going on a date, when tempted to try on a crop top in Forever 21, etc.

Sometimes it works and sometimes I order the cheeseburger.

Once upon a time I lost a bunch of weight within the course of a year. I am forever grateful to God who gave me the strength and 3fd58857a7d7e078d299fdf85b41e212motivation to stick to my goals and form good habits. But I ultimately know that my weight loss (or weight gain) from week to week or month to month was a result of my choices and habits. To blame God for my weight gain after a week of nothing but cheeseburgers, cheese sticks, and cheesecake would be absurd. 

This makes total sense.

And yet so often I find myself or others asking God to bless a poor decision. . . And then when God doesn’t come through for me I sigh and chalk it up to “Guess it just wasn’t in God’s plan.”

And then I realize that faith isn’t simply waiting around and hoping God will come through for me in any circumstance. Faith isn’t saying “I’ll pray on it” and then doing nothing about it.

Faith is making continual good choices and trusting the results to God.

In so many ways, faith is discipline.

This is a true truth that I sometimes ignore because I’m lazy. Or I just really want the cheeseburger.


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