Pollen and Plans


Spring always seems to live up to its name. We spring forward an hour and then suddenly pollen is EVERYWHERE. And allergies and painful sinuses and scratchy throats too. But nobody seems to mind because the sunshine and warmth has been long awaited. We welcome you, Spring, with our short sleeves and impossibly pale flip-flopped feet desperately in need of the vitamin D.

A new season is here along with its pitfalls but I don’t mind so much because I’m ready for the change.

This month I paid my deposit to start work on my Master of Divinity in the Fall. I’m enrolling at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, where I’ll be moving in August. For a good long while it was a toss-up between Emory and Duke Divinity, whose program I had my eye on. But things have fallen into place beautifully and it feels good to have locked into a decision. I’m confident in my choice.

It will be two full years here in my Holy City of South Carolina. I’ll be sad to go. But happy too because I will be arriving at a long-awaited season of learning, moving in the direction of my calling, and finding my fit in ministry.

Thank you for following me and praying me through these past two years. I once thought of these as my desert years, my wandering in search of the promised land. But this, right here, today, this very hour is the promised land. Because God is here with me in it, with his lavish provision of friendship and healing. This is the promised land. Now and tomorrow, this Spring AND next Fall.



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