Happy Scars



This is by far my favorite scar.

Sometime last Summer, this furry little nugget named Mr Bear came barreling down a hardwood hallway to greet me, extending his bear claws out in a sweet and painful embrace, tearing through the skin on my knee with his little needle-like nails.

It hurt. Blood slid down my knee toward the floor and I hopped back from Bear, scrambling for tissues to stop the flow and trying to maintain my composure, fighting back the dizziness that always creeps on me at the sight of blood.

Almost a year later and I’ve still got a faint scar from the bear attack. After the blood stopped and the pain subsided, it was a happy memory of his furry, wiggly excitement.

For the first time last week I found and read through my old journal from my time in Argentina. It ended very badly there, but the majority of my time there is filled with happy memories of adventure and growth. The pain from that last month there has mostly subsided and healed over and I’ve been able to look back fondly.

I pray that for you, my friend. That your relationship scars would be happy ones. That your sad endings wouldn’t diminish the brilliant and meaningful middles. That finite joyful seasons would resonate within you and bring praise to your lips long after they are over. And that the depth of your heartache would be swallowed up by the well that love has carved into your being.

All scars require healing. But when they have, I hope you can look back and see the Creator’s hand at work even then, the infinite couched in the finite.


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